The Novin Story

Our brand is a brand of quality, precision and awe-inspiring beauty.

Novin is synonymous to a heritage of craftsmanship that has been passed on for generations and generations of leather artisans. Our techniques date back to the early 1990s and we have strived to preserve our culture throughout the years. Every garment, bag, shoe and accessory is like an artifact from the past that deserves to be adored and preserved. The quality superb, the craftsmanship inimitable.

No one does leather goods like Novin does.

Women and men dressed in Novin is like being wrapped with precious gold as we use the best quality of leather money can buy. There simply is nothing above the quality that we produce. Trust us, we checked it ourselves. When you pass by the Novin store, you smell the distinct punch of genuine pure full grain leather – the highest quality of them all. Our hand-crafted pieces have been enjoyed and lavished by leather aficionados all over the globe. Our ISO 9001 European badge is just a cherry on top of our already robust family of artisans, crafters and loyal patrons.

Here at Novin, we combine the aesthetic edge of the present with our time-tested leather tanning and crafting techniques. Through hard work we have come to own the process from beginning to end. Keeping an eye on every stage to make sure you get the best piece of leather garment there could be. Owning the entire process also allows us the luxury to offer our products at competitive prices without ever sacrificing the quality. We walk the talk.

Different? Take a look at our cutting edge designs. The devil is in the details. We combine aesthetics with functionality and top-notch quality.

See it for yourself. In a fast-paced world where everything is mass-produced without thought and care, we offer you a range of products made by people who truly love their craft. Ethically sourced leather, fair working conditions and an atmosphere that fosters creativity – that’s what is behind every Novin leather piece. Whether it’s a garment, a bag, shoe or accessory, every piece you receive is hand-made and has been given exclusive attention from beginning to end.

Who do we make Novin for? We create every piece with you in mind.

That guy in the coffee shop, that lady in the library who knows they deserve nothing but the best quality life can offer. Our leather goods are not just material things. They stand for excelsior, intent and purpose – all things present in every Novin piece.

From our hands, to yours, finally.

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