The Novin Vision & Mission


NOVIN LEATHER IRAN has entered into the global retail market through their newly formed sister company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, NOVIN LEATHER ASIA. Working hand in hand with Iran the initial phase for NOVIN ASIA is currently well underway and is building the international platform for this already established PERSIAN boutique leather brand. These quality ladies and gents leather products are currently being slowly and professionally introduced into high class international retailers in preparation to fully enter into the world wide retail markets of Asia and Europe in 2016.

Our intent is to use Kuala Lumpur Malaysia as our Asian platform and distribution hub to start the GLOBAL branding and sales network. With our established Asian connections! we have made contact with all the main countries in the region: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Korea and Japan. These avenues open up all the Asian retail markets to the NOVIN quality leather brand where the top end winter products like: jackets, dresses, boots and shoes will thrive.

In conjunction with Asia we intend to use our established retail connections in the United Kingdom to enter into the European UNION. This single market is the largest retail region in the world and already boasts a huge mature online selling platform. We have conducted face to face meetings in the UK and left samples with prestigous and established retailers who are ready and waiting to launch the NOVIN leather brand in the UK and throughout Europe. We are currently in discussions how to enter into these markets in the most effective and professional way.

NOVIN LEATHER ASIA’s vision is to make the global marketplace understand that not all leather is the same. NOVIN’s factory manufactures the best quality leather hides money can buy! Subsequently this produces the best contemporary LEATHER products that are collectively designed in an EAST/WEST theme by a team of local and international designers.

LEATHER is very rarely understood and has varying types of quality standards. Quality FULL GRAIN LEATHER has to be fully appreciated as an international commodity. NOVIN LEATHER supplies the best quality FULL GRAIN leather products money can buy and in doing so differentiates from many other retailers in the global market? Our educated knowledge and experience of how leather hides are tanned and manufactured allows us to supply the best quality products for the modern world.

THE CUSTOMERS can have NO doubts that these NOVIN products are quality, FULL GRAIN hand made LEATHER products that will stand the TEST of TIME & FASHION. With these modern ‘LEATHER FOR LIFE’ products we offer a quality support service to match the quality leather and craftsmanship of the products.


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