The Novin Leather Standard

LEATHER is a natural product which has been a prized commodity throughout history. The art of preserving animal hides and tanning them into leather is an ancient and respected trade of artisans. Cattle hides are the major source of NOVIN leather and are used because of their availability, strength and hide size.

LEATHER is one of the most durable, natural products in society and FULL GRAIN LEATHER outlasts most fabrics and has an exceptionally long, useful life.

It must be highlighted that NOVIN LEATHER manufactures it’s own FULL GRAIN leather, in it’s own manufacturing facility under ISO standards.  This leather and all our products are recognised to be of the highest INTERNATIONAL quality and standards.

IT NEEDS TO BE NOTED there are indeed many names used when labelling and branding leather goods and products! however there are FOUR internationally recognized terms and standards used when referring to LEATHER TYPES & LEATHER QUALITY STANDARDS:

  1. FULL GRAIN LEATHER – this is the BEST leather you can buy
  2. TOP GRAIN LEATHER – this is the ‘middle of the road’ leather and is used by most designer brands.
  3. GENUINE LEATHER – this is the cheapest lowest quality leather you can buy
  4. BONDED or BLENDED LEATHER – these are mixed scraps of leather and PVC mixed

LEATHER is fire resistant and emits no toxic fumes even when exposed to intense heat.

FULL GRAIN LEATHER products won’t crack or peel and will not tear along the seam lines and stiched areas under normal wear and tear conditions.

NOVIN LEATHER can be cleaned, wax treated and repaired very inexpensively. (Please refer to our leather ‘care package’ and leather guideline information)

NOVIN FULL GRAIN LEATHER ages well and stands the test of time and comes with a 2 year warranty.

NOVIN LEATHER PRODUCTS are hand made from FULL GRAIN, pure quality cow hides and given the minimum of care and attention they will last a LIFETIME. These products become a permanent addition to the most fashionable wardrobe and can be used the same way as your most favoured timepiece.

From a consumers point of view LEATHER is a QUALITY GARMENT FOR LIFE, and should be chosen for your wardrobe accordingly. It is also true to state that quality FULL GRAIN leather has properties which make it superior and more durable to most fabrics. Given the modern day lifestyles these quality products and accessories can be mixed and matched to meet all occasions and events and will always remain at the forefront of contemporary style and class.

NOVIN offers many different products, both LADIES & MENS with many colors and varying styles and designs. These are forever changing on a yearly basis as the consumer looks for new innovative ideas. NOVIN can customize and tailor make products to suit retailers, suppliers and or customers needs.

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