The Novin Emblem

Novin’s symbol is ‘THE CHINAR LEAF’ and Chinar in Persian means ‘FIERY RED’, which is the colour of the leaves in autumn.

 The tree originates from Greece and it is believed Hippocrates the famous ‘Father of medicine’ taught under such a tree in   Greece many thousands of years ago BC.

Chinar has also deemed a beautiful name! given to a beautiful woman! that will have a pure heart of Gold.

 Although similar this should NOT be mistaken for a Maple leaf? The Chinar tree is larger and revered in many different ways around the world.

 Novin chose the Chinar leaf as it’s product symbol due to its cultural heritage and link to Iran and Persia. The trees line the streets of Tehran and grow throughout many areas of Iran. The tall dignified beauty of the tree is celebrated in Iranian verse and song and is used in religious poetry.

 It is a symbol of affection and devotion and is believed to prevent the passing of airborne pollution and disease. The trees grow rapidly and tall and give shade over large wide areas. The wood is strong, long living and does not rot.   

 This tree holds much history and is celebrated in many other parts of the world such as Greece, Italy, Kashmir, and India. 

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